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No doubt Mathematics Optional is high scoring Optional subject in the IAS, UPSC, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Mains Examinations. Form 2013 on words, Mathematics Optional aspirants are scoring very high among the rest of the Optional Subjects is beyond our and rest of the Maths Optional aspirant’s expectations.

We more appreciating their smart way of hard-working from the Important and recommended books, blogs written by various toppers. Last year on words most of and B.Sc. graduation background Civils aspirants are coming to choose this Mathematics Optional.

And some of the Civils aspirants are not choosing this Mathematics Optional even though they have innate talents is their friend advises. Friends, always put their fear and anxiety on your mind.

This is the Individual exam, not a group exam. Only a few and true friends will encourage your decision.

The necessary and sufficient condition to cracking this Civil Services exam with Mathematics Optional Subject is that

1. Your educational background and qualification: 11th Class & 12th Class level Mathematics or Intermediate Mathematics is the foundation for IAS UPSC Mathematics Optional Subject. Have you forgotten all the 11th Class & 12th Class level Mathematics or Intermediate Mathematics? don’t worry we will recall you all the necessary basics Mathematics in the class. If you don’t know then you can note down the last pages of your notebook. If you already know then it is ok. No need to note down.

2. A little bit of interest in the Mathematics Optional subject: If you don’t have then don’t worry we will make you in our Ramanasri Maths Optional Coaching. but one condition is that a minimum of 20 percent of your interest is necessary for our classes.

3. Patience.

4. Determination.

5. Goal oriented hard work.


For 3rd and 4th points are most important, vital and kernel of not only Mathematics Optional subject preparation but also the rest of the General Studies preparation. Therefore we (you and me) must have to follow until we reach our common goals.

And lastly 5th point we will discuss briefly in our Ramanasri Coaching Classes in Delhi. By taking Mathematics as only one of the Optional subjects in IAS, UPSC, Civil Service Mains Examinations is the best decision to crack this Civil Services in our first attempt.

By fixing your Optional Subject Maths as one of the Optional subjects, It will help to clear IFS (IFoS) i.e., Indian Forest Service Examinations also. Ninety-five percent Maths Optional Syllabus is the same common for both of these Examinations.

A lot of aspirants in all over India is clearing both these Examinations. We offering the best Maths Optional Coaching in Delhi with the Regular Maths Optional Coaching Classroom Program and Weekend Maths Optional Coaching Class room Program for IAS, UPSC, IFS (IFoS), Civil Service Mains Examinations

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