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Revision Maths Optional Coaching | Ramana Sri IAS/IFoS INSTITUTE

Maths Optional Coaching is an essential part of any exam preparation. This subject is required for UPSC, IAS, and CSE examinations. In addition, many state pcs require Maths Optional Coaching as well. It is important to take a maths review course as often as possible.

Students should keep calm while revising for maths exams. This will allow them to focus and achieve better results. The best way to do this is to go through the entire Maths Optional Syllabus thoroughly. This will help them understand the topics to study and how the marks are distributed. By doing this, students can predict their performance after the examination.

Maths is a high scoring subject. Those who take up this optional subject have a good chance of passing the exam. Students who are able to solve questions of medium to easy difficulty will perform well. In the recent past, the maths optional has performed well in UPSC exams. This is because the questions in the exam are factual and not subjective.

If you are a self-study student, you can complete the Maths optional by spending four to five hours daily. But it is important to remember that you should spend the same amount of time on self-study as you would on coaching. If you do not self-study for the same amount of time you spend with your coaches, you will waste your time in coaching and on optional or GS.

Those who want to clear the UPSC mathematics optional exam should study the exam syllabus thoroughly. They should practice previous years' exam papers to find out which topics are tricky. Also, students should take notes of concepts and formulas that are unclear. It will help them understand the concepts more easily. Moreover, they should also practice multiple-choice questions as this helps them understand concepts better.

For those who want to learn maths but cannot attend classes in person, there are online revision courses available. They are convenient and cheaper than offline coaching. Moreover, they are more flexible. In addition, they can also save time by not having to travel to different classes. The online version also allows candidates to watch lectures more than once.

Students must be passionate about mathematics and have a strong interest in learning the technicalities and concepts. They should also be eager to explore the broad applications of mathematics in society and career. They must also be able to follow online and offline lectures. They must have a good conceptual understanding of mathematics and be able to translate them in the language of the teachers.

Students should take extra math classes and also study on their own. High mathematics scores will help them get higher marks in the UPSC exam. In addition to that, it will help them develop their problem-solving and analytical skills.

Ramanasri UPSC Maths Optional Coaching offering Revision Maths Optional Coaching Classes. We will do complete revision of entire complete UPSC Maths Optional Syllabus within 65days daily by spending 5 hours. We are also covering all previous year questions from 1992 to 2022 and also coming UPSC Maths Optional Paper 2022. We will give you mains maths optional test series.   We are expecting from students at least 1 time complete UPSC/IAS/IFoS/IFS/CIVIL SERVICES Mains Mathematics optional syllabus should be finished. We are also explaining all of your doubts in interaction manner. We are also offering Maths Optional Test Series in the Course Program.  

22 Maths Optional Test Series are free. Module wise  tests 13, sectional-wise 4 and complete full length test question papers 5

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OFFLINE : 24999/- including GST 

ONLINE : 21999/- included GST


  • Timings: 10.30 aM TO 1 PM 
  • Class duration: 2.5 months
  • 6 days a week class
  • 2.5 hours a week class
  • Experienced and efficient faculty
  • Interactive classes
  • 3 Demo class Free
  • Free Orientation 15th June 2023
  • 10 Test included
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