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UPPSC Maths Optional


UPPCS is the prestigious exam of the country. To clear this exam, it is important to select the right optional subject. This decision can be made by keeping in mind the complexity of the subject. In addition to this right strategy also plays a crucial role because ultimately it will help you to crack the exam. Selecting Mathematics as optional can be highly beneficial for the aspirant provided, he practices regularly and revises all topics before the exam.

Candidates need to keep in mind that Maths of class 12th is basic and B.Sc. with graduation is sufficient to crack the exam. One needs to prepare beyond that as well to boost the preparation. Also, first of all, a candidate must have the Maths subjects during their graduation. This will help them for the better preparation for the exam. Secondly, a candidate needs to have the passion to study the subject, and an inclination towards the subject is necessary to drive motivation. If you have an interest then you tend to devote more time and your chances of scoring well increases. It is also important to refer to the right set of books while the is preparation as this keeps preparation on track always. Also, a wide variety of books tend to confuse students as to which one to refer to. But here it is recommended to refer to standard books.

Maths syllabus is vast. It demands constant practice and you need to prepare really well. But it provides certainty that if one has done well then; they are definitely going to get good marks in it. So, in an uncertain exam like UPSC, if Math can give you an advantage of more marks, then not only your chances of selection improves but also you are sure to get a top rank. The main strategy for the preparation of the subject is to complete most of the syllabus before the Prelims examination. The aspirants should follow standard books and attempt the solved examples of the same. 

Before Prelims, one must try to complete the theory of each topic. It is advisable to maintain topic wise notes as well as the Formula Sheet. After Prelims, completing the rest of the syllabus as soon as possible is necessary for scoring well. 

Difficult topics that are asked every year must be revised thoroughly. This is important because, for the last few years, UPPSC has been mixing different topics in a single question. Since the syllabus is vast so the selective study is essential to keep track of your preparation. Compiling the tricky questions and revising them at the end can be done too.  One should practice this in their mock tests. 

For lengthy problems, one must try to understand the algorithm and solve the problems step by step. One should also clear their concept and study the theorems and proofs before the exam. The syllabus is mainly static and highly objective for the Mathematics Optional, hence the subject is considered to be very scoring. A month of determined practice is adequate to finish the syllabus once, and another 15 days for revising things.

Balancing GS and Optional both are crucial to get a good rank on the first attempt. Since the vast syllabus of civil service examination can leave anybody in confusion. Hence preparing a suitable timetable is essential. The aspirants must plan their schedule accordingly and revise the previous year question papers thoroughly.

UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission) Maths Optional papers are the same as examination in the Union Public Service Commission Maths optional. The UPPSC is the state agency authorized to conduct the Civil Services Examination for entry-level appointments to the various Civil Services of Uttar Pradesh.

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Student Requirements

Lectures 135
Duration 6 Months
Skill level NA
Language English
Students 30
Certificate NA


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