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Yes, UPSC maths allow optional calculator. you can carry your non-programable calculator inside examination for both paper 1 and paper 2. If you have any queries related what type of calculator i need to purchase please send your queriy on whatapp on this no. 8750706262 so that we will send you picture of that calculator. 

yes, mathematics have optional syllabus. please click on this link below for latest UPSC Maths Optional Syllabus 2022-2023 for IAS, UPSC, CSE-Civil Services Mains Examinations. 

UPSC Maths Optional Syllabus.

yes we have step marking in maths optional. even if your not getting right answer and you have done it with decent procedure with proper steps then finally you can loose 1/2 or 1 marks depends of what kind of mistakes you have done it the Mains Maths Optional Paper inside examination hall. You can avoid these type of silly mistakes by practicing more questions on our upsc maths optional test series program. 

For more details on the maths optional test series program click on this link below UPSC Maths Optional Test Series 2022-2023


It is not possible for student level until and unless you are continuously topper in IIT or Gold Medalist in M.Sc. Mathematics. Coaching is necessary as far as Maths Optional is concerned. If you have any plans for 4 to 5years then coaching is not necessary for Maths Optional. you can study on your own. But If you want to crack this exam with your 1 or 2 attempts then no vaible option left for you other than joining Ramanasri UPSC Maths Optional Coaching. 

For more details on Maths Optioanl Coaching courses you can choose any of below Maths Optional course depends upon your convenient. 

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UPSC Maths Optional Courses


Under the guidance and mentorship with Ramanasri Sir. Maths/Mathematics  Optional is easiest optional subject for UPSC, IAS, IFoS/IFS, CSE-Civil Services Mains Exams. 

If you are coming from B.Sc (with 3 year or 4years degree like honours) with one of the subject Maths degree you can get more than 300+ marks within 6 months of your preparation. If you are coming Engineering background i.e B.tech/B.E you can choose/select this Maths Optional in your UPSC Mains Exams. 

Before selecting you see all the Maths Optional questions from previoous year maths optional question papers and read term by term UPSC Maths Optional Syllabus. If you have any further doubts you can feel free to contact with us.

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UPSC Maths Optional Previous Year Question Papers Segment-wise. 

UPSC Maths Optional Syllabus.


there is no specillay scaling in mathematics optional. Each and every upsc optional subject come under scaling depends upon level of question paper. UPSC, IAS, IFoS/IFS, CSE-Civil Services Mains Examinations as much a possible they are doing level playing feild. 

Yes, We have Maths Optional in UPSC. Choosing Maths Optional in UPSC is one of the best decisions in our life. No doubt Maths Optional has been the highest-scoring optional in UPSC, IAS, and CSE-Civil Service Mains Examinations since its inception. There are many rumours in the market related to UPSC Maths Optional. Also, no good teacher in the market can teach the whole 13 modules of UPSC Maths Optional Syllabus other than Ramanasri Sir, the top best leading lecture faculty in UPSC Maths Optional Mains. Including all the 13 modules, Ramanasri Sir's main and special focuses on Modern Algebra, Real Analysis, Dynamics & Statics, Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics.