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UPSC Maths Optional Online Coaching | Ramana Sri IAS/IFoS INSTITUTE

Ramana sri IAS/IFoS Institute is one of the best, offering UPSC maths optional Online Coaching in India. This IAS/IFoS/CSE online Mathematics optional coaching program not only teaches students how to prepare for the Mains UPSC Maths optional paper 1 and paper 2 but also provides enough practice problems and techniques as per the UPSC maths optional syllabus 2023 for them to increase their speed and accuracy. It is recommended to take UPSC maths optional online coaching courses if you are seriously looking forward to cracking the UPSC maths optional exam even if you are not available for offline UPSC maths optional coaching.

Key Features of Online UPSC Maths optional 

The following Special and salient features make us why we are different from the others in the market.

 Teaching-based organization, quality Teaching with a focus on conceptual clarity

  • Permanent, full-time, highly qualified, and dedicated faculty
  • Prime focus on concept-building & Problem-solving techniques
  • Focus on Individual attention. Cooperative, caring administrative staff 
  • Appreciable result ratio of successful student to enrolled students
  • The UPSC maths optional study materials have been thoughtfully curated in a plain and simple language that both bilingual and English-speaking students can able to grasp. The maths optional  study materials align with the UPSC CSE  maths optional syllabus and  UPSC Maths Optional Previous year questions(PYQ) and answers are updated frequently 
  • Scientifically designed, clear, and precise  updated UPSC Maths optional hard copy study material
  • Ample questions capturing all flavors and difficulty level
  • Formula booklet for quick revision
  • Lots of home assignments for practice
  • Exclusive class tests for continuous assessments & improvement 
  • Complete academic year planning at the start of the session
  • Include 81  UPSC Maths Optional Test Series. 
  • Regular Tests (weekly / chapter-wise / phase / complete length / E-Test series)
  • A thorough discussion on each test in successive lecture
  • All  regular tests and  UPSC Mathematics Optional Test Series will be evaluated and gives individual feedback
  • Fixed timetable
  • Individual doubt clearance sessions
  • Comfortable speed of  UPSC Maths optional syllabus coverage with enough buffers
  • Motivational counseling sessions
  • The course duration is 7-8 months 
  • The Course validity is for 11 months + 1 month (free) from the date of joining 
  • The classes will be conducted 2.5 hrs per day and 5 days a week 
  • Live Interactive classes
  • Reasonable fees.
  • Finishing the Syllabus in time 28-32 weeks Classes 
  • For doubts, can contact us through WhatsApp and zoom sessions. 
  • 22 years of teaching experience in teaching Mathematics 

Note 1: All live, online course is available on Windows, Android phone, Apple ios & IPAD. However, it must be noted i.e., not available on Apple Macbook 

Note 2: For any queries, please contact at 8750706262 

If you watch for this sample/demo video of UPSC maths optional online coaching, then whatsapp on this no. for sample/demo video


Maths Optional Online Coaching | Ramana Sri IAS/IFoS INSTITUTE

Online maths optional coaching is an integral part of the preparation process for various competitive exams in India. This skill is required for the UPSC/IAS/CSE-Civil Services and IFoS(IFS) and various state pcs exams like BPSC, JKPSC/KAS/JKCS, OPSC/OAS, HPSC/HCS, UPPSC, WBPSC(WBCS) Mains Examination. It is also required for CSE exams. Hence, it is essential to find a reputed online source that can teach this subject.

Ramana Sri IAS/IFoS Academy is one such institute that provides the best UPSC maths optional coaching. This coaching program not only teaches students how to prepare for the GS paper, but also provides practice problems for them to increase their speed and accuracy. It is recommended to take online maths optional coaching courses if you are seriously looking forward to crack the UPSC maths optional exam.

UPSC maths optional syllabus consists of two papers: ordinary differential equation and real analysis. These papers carry 250 marks each. Although you will not score very high on these papers, you will get the chance to sharpen your analytical skills. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to examine previous years' exam papers and identify the weakest areas.

A good internet connection is essential for Online Maths Optional Coaching. It can be accessed on a PC or a smartphone that has a high speed. You can register your email and mobile number to receive notifications. In addition, you can access the videos from anywhere in the world. Most popular browsers can be used to access these videos. Furthermore, the videos are available for one year from the date of joining the course. However, if you want to continue the course after a year, you can extend the subscription period at no additional cost.

If you are aiming for a good score in UPSC maths optional, you should study the subject thoroughly. The syllabus for UPSC is relatively tougher than the GS paper, so your approach to solving questions matters a lot. The best way to guarantee a good score is to present your solution step-by-step. This will help you answer the questions as logically as possible.

In addition to this, you can also take up online Maths Optional coaching. These classes offer comprehensive study materials as well as free test series. The instructors ensure that each student gets the attention they deserve and masters the syllabus. Moreover, they will help you obtain your best possible mark for the optional test in the Mains.

Online maths optional coaching is an effective way to get prepared for the exam. It has many advantages, especially if you are a student who is passionate about maths and wants to use it in a practical way. It also helps students in the future, as the subject is flexible and useful in engineering and science careers.

A good way to pass the UPSC mathematics optional exam is to use good study materials. You should familiarize yourself with the syllabus and previous exam papers so that you can know what to expect from the exam. Also, try to take mock tests and check if you have grasped all the concepts. When answering the exam, it is important to make sure that you follow the logical flow of the questions.

How to Choose the Best Online Coaching For UPSC Maths Optional

UPSC maths optional papers are more difficult than the regular exams. However, students can achieve high marks by understanding the syllabus and approaching problems in a systematic way. The best way to ensure a high score in mathematics is to devote at least 2-3 hours a day to studying and practice. Also, remember that mathematics is not subjective, and the way you approach questions in solving them can make a big difference.

One of the best ways to improve your marks in UPSC maths optional is to study from videos and lectures on the subject. These videos will help you understand the concepts and formulas better. It is also helpful to go through previous years' exam papers. This will help you determine which topics you need to study more thoroughly.

Students can also try online maths optional coaching. Although there are many options available, it is important to choose a good online coaching for UPSC maths optional. The most effective online coaching will teach you the concepts in step-by-step order. Students who understand and can apply these concepts can get high scores in UPSC.

UPSC maths optional exam is tough and requires constant revision. It's best to read the previous exam papers to identify which topics are difficult to understand. Moreover, you should also take notes on concepts and formulas you find difficult to understand. Lastly, you should avoid over-memorization and focus on understanding concepts. This will help you answer questions with more ease. However, if you are unable to memorize the concepts, you can consult a mentor or UPSC maths optional coaching program.

It's important to study in a relaxed environment. Avoid stress as this will only make you lose marks. Moreover, it's essential to practice daily. Practicing math problems will help you increase your speed and accuracy. You should always practice with a UPSC maths optional question paper to ensure accuracy and speed.

There are many UPSC maths optional coaching options available online. A good choice for online coaching is RAMANASRI IAS Academy. Faculty members at RAMANASRI IAS Academy speak both English and Hindi fluently and have extensive experience in their respective fields. They use various creative methods to help students achieve outstanding results. The online maths optional coaching courses offered by this institute are among the best in Delhi.

Ramanasri IAS Academy is a great choice for UPSC maths optional students. This institution has top-class faculty who help students prepare for the exams. The teachers also provide useful tips and feedback regarding the UPSC exams. For students who are serious about getting into IAS, Ramanasri IAS Academy is an excellent choice.

Maths optional is a tough subject, but you can improve your score in it with the right strategy and approach. Using a good book for preparation is also important. It is important to choose a book that explains concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

IAS, UPSC, IFoS, IFS, CSE-Civil Services Examination, Mains Coaching. The top Best Ramanasri Maths Optional Coaching Institute Classes Online LIVE CLASSES, RECORDING CLASSES Maths Optional Course Programme details.
Online UPSC Maths Optional.
RAMANASRI INSTITUTE provides best UPSC Maths Optional coaching Online all over India & Abroad
(You already know that Indian civil service examination is the most prestigious exam to recruit candidates for various posts in Civil services)
In recent years, we can see there is huge competition for UPSC examination. Even the students those who are going to college, & the employees those who are working, & the aspirants those who had no time & no-good coaching centre nearby. In the view of these aspirants, we launched the online program best quality.
i.e., videos lectures, with expert instructor, test series, fully revised material. Affordable cost.

Online Maths Optional Coaching Classes

How the Online Classes undergoes?

Ramanasri IAS/IFoS Institute offering online virtual classroom for aspirants to learn at their own pace. The classes are live, interactive where aspirants work with a mentor in a class group, you can ask doubts in classes that provides convenient, two ways, real –time communication between the aspirant and teacher. It allows audio, video, text chat and hand –rising features. It feels just like a teaching in a physical classroom. Once you joined the Online IAS UPSC Mathematics/Maths Optional Coaching classes we will send daily the classroom schedule to your mail, and there on you can access online class during the course. We are providing the IAS UPSC Mathematics/Maths Optional Study Materials, IAS UPSC Mathematics/Maths Optional Test series in your place. We can ensure safe quality experience.

Anywhere in the world, you can access Online IAS UPSC Maths/Mathematics Optional Coaching Classes, with the following requirements
1. 1 Mbps speed any internet connection more than sufficient.
2. Latest browsers, Google, Chrome, Mozilla etc.,

Alerts: -

Every class schedule creation/ test published /material upload/New batch notifications will come to your register e-mail id.
You will get SMS alert to your register mobile No. 30 minutes before the class starts.


You can access the classes of Online IAS UPSC Maths/Mathematics Optional Coaching through your laptops, Pc, tablets, smart phones through latest browsers.
Course duration is SIX months from the date of joining the Course.
All the live video sessions are accessible for 1 year from the date of joining the Course. (If you need, we can provide extra time without charging any penny from your side.

Full and complete and updated study material will be dispatched to your own address with free of cost. Test Series are also free!!!Individual attention to each and every aspirant in the Online Maths/Mathematics Optional Coaching Class. Full syllabus covered in this course Both IAS Maths Optional Paper 1 & IAS Maths Optional Paper 2. In depth understanding of concepts & scoring tips to get Mains Maths Optional Marks more than 350+Go back and review the recordings if you need to. Classes in evening time (IST) also for without worrying of hassle of traffic. All-inclusive cost package – no extra or hidden cost.

Online Maths Optional Coaching Classes will be accessible by anywhere in India & Abroad and any devise like Android Mobile, Laptop or Desktop PC or Any Tablet or Any other devise the only thing is internet connection is required.  

62 Maths Optional Test Series are free. Sub Modules-wise test 40, Module wise  tests 13, sectional-wise 4 and complete full length test question papers 5

Enqure now on whatsapp +91 8750706262

The course package:

350+ hours of LIVE interactive online classes – you learn with a LIVE 20-year experienced mentor/instructor by Ramanasri Sir @ Ramanasri IAS. All classes are recorded for future viewing.
Online Mathematics/Maths Optional Batch timings:
24/7 for your convenient time
How to Register Online Mathematics/Maths Optional Coaching Program

· Fill the Ramanasri UPSC Maths Optional Coaching Application/Admission Form. For this Click on this Link: Admission Form of Ramanasri Maths Optional.

· Upload the passport size of photo of your top right of the corner (select your image).

Fill all the details of the of the Ramanasri UPSC Maths Optional Coaching Application/Admission Form.

· Click on the Submit button below. 


Price of the Online IAS UPSC Mathematics/Maths Optional Coaching Institute fee Rs.58,500/- (Including all things.) IAS UPSC Mathematics Optional Study Materials & IAS UPSC Mathematics Optional Test Series are Free!!!)

Tips For Online UPSC Maths optional coaching

Almost every UPSC coaching institute and university in India follows the syllabus for UPSC Maths Optional. It involves thorough revision and concept building, unlike other optional subjects, which require students to start from scratch. This syllabus is not related to current affairs and is therefore, a good choice for UPSC as it is less likely to cause a student to lose confidence. Here are a few tips for UPSC Maths Optional students:

Less emphasis on memory

Online maths coaching often puts a greater emphasis on learning rather than memory, which can help students develop greater speed and accuracy. For example, memorizing basic facts such as eight times six or the perimeter of an equilateral shape can free up brain space for more challenging problems. In contrast, students who focus solely on memorizing math facts tend to suffer from limited working memory, which can only handle a few things at a time.

Style of presentation of your maths optional solutions

When you think of a presentation, most people automatically think of a Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) slide. But the way you present your ideas matters. You should know the difference between these two styles, and which one will best serve you. Here are the main differences between them. You can choose the freedom style, if you want to present your thoughts quickly and do not need slides. However, if you want to convey complex ideas, you should opt for the instructor style, which is a combination of high-contrast images and videos.

Previous papers

UPSC maths optional preparation involves a systematic approach. A daily routine and regular mock tests help you prepare for the exam. Studying previous papers for this exam will ensure that you know the topics to focus on. However, you should not rely on previous papers to get a feel of how tough the exam is. Focus on the basics and avoid looking at the toppers' answers. You should also practice solving previous year question papers and practicing concepts that you have not covered yet.

Ramanasri IAS/UPSC/CSE-Civil Services Exams

If you're looking for the best IAS online maths optional coaching, look no further than Ramanasri IAS. Ramanasri Sir provides specialized training that covers all aspects of UPSC maths optional. His courses include online and offline formats, weekend batch coaching, and pen drive maths optional. Because these classes are offered online, you can choose the method that suits you best.


Whether you want to prepare for a competitive exam or just wish to improve your grades, RAMANASRI IAS for Mathematics has the right program for you. With online maths optional coaching, you can master the concepts and master the exam in just three months. Moreover, the RAMANASRI IAS Academy's faculty members speak English and Hindi fluently and have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. They use multiple creative methods to achieve outstanding results. The result-oriented approach and highly qualified faculty make the RAMANASRI IAS Academy one of the best IAS and IPS coaching institutes in Delhi.

If you're preparing for UPSC, you need to know how to do well in the subject of Maths Optional. It is a fairly stable subject that does not have current affairs links, so you can expect to get a high rank without a great GS score. Besides, this subject is not only useful for the engineering stream, but is also flexible. You can opt for a career in maths, such as research or teaching.

While most subjects require some amount of memorization, maths has a very low requirement for that. Students can complete the entire syllabus in one year. Moreover, maths questions are relatively easy to remember compared to other subjects. Practice makes perfect, as most questions will require maths. Moreover, most exams will involve some level of maths, so you can expect to get 100 percent marks if you're a good student.

The best UPSC maths optional study material is available in multiple formats, including books and online resources. Getting the syllabus for the exam and previous years' exam papers are an important part of preparation. Practice mock tests to check how much you know about each topic. Once you feel comfortable with each question, you can begin analyzing the logic behind it. If you're having a difficult time figuring out a concept, it might be time to turn to a study resource that will show you the answer.

Studying previous years' exam question papers is an effective way to prepare for the UPSC maths optional. These papers will allow you to see which concepts you need more help with. It also helps you recognize any topics that are more challenging. You should also take notes of concepts you have a hard time understanding. You should also read relevant sections of study material to help you understand the concepts. This way, you will know which ones to focus on and which to avoid.

Choosing the right maths optional coaching is an important part of your overall preparation for UPSC. Not only are these exams tough but also static. If you're interested in learning more about the subject, you'll be better able to solve complex problems. You'll have a much better chance of doing well in maths optional if you're passionate about it. So, make sure to enroll in the best online coaching for maths optional. It will definitely pay off.

You can enroll in a class that covers the entire syllabus for Mathematics Optional. In addition, you'll be learning a lot about the subject's history. If you're not a math buff, you can also enroll in a course focusing on this subject. There are many excellent options available, and the selection of the best class is largely dependent on your own unique circumstances. With a little research, you should find the perfect maths option coaching.

Ramanasri Sir offers the best maths optional UPSC coaching. He teaches students how to prepare for the GS paper by providing practice. By practicing with maths problems, you'll improve your accuracy and speed. And, if you're serious about pursuing a career in maths, it pays to get a good online coaching for maths. If you're ready for the UPSC exam, then you've come to the right place.

Best Online Coaching For UPSC's Maths Optional

There are many online coaching services out there for UPSC's maths optional, but which one is the best? This article will take a look at best Ramanasri IAS Academy, as well as some other online coaching options. If you are considering joining an online coaching service for UPSC's maths optional, here are a few things to consider.

Ramanasri IAS Academy

Among many Delhi-based IAS coaching institutes, Ramanasri IAS Academy has emerged as the top choice for mathematics optional IAS aspirants. This academy is well-known for its top-notch faculty that provides guidance on various topics related to the IAS examination. Teachers are able to give proper feedback and provide useful tips for achieving success in UPSC exams. The faculty at Ramanasri IAS Academy, who has a lot of experience in Delhi.

RAMANASRI academy is a reputed institute offering top-notch tuition for UPSC's Maths optional subject. The institute provides both regular classroom and pen drive classes for students who wish to take up mathematics as an optional subject. The teachers at RAMANASRI are well-experienced and qualified to guide students through this tough subject. Whether a student wants to clear the maths exam or just improve his or her general knowledge, RAMANASRI provides an array of online coaching sessions and test series to make sure that students are getting the right amount of help.

It is not difficult to score well in Mathematics, but you have to master the fundamental principles of the subject in order to excel in the exam. Moreover, you need to understand how to apply these concepts in real life. RAMANASRI IAS Academy offers online coaching for all the subjects of IAS, including Mathematics. It charges INR 55,500 for a seven-month course.

Students seeking for best online IAS coaching should look at the details of the institute and its faculty. The faculty of the RAMANASRI UPSC Academy is known for their dedication towards improving the students' performance in the IAS exam. In addition to their dedication, students should also look at the institute's fee structure, facilities, and faculty. Moreover, students should also check reviews about the institute's reputation before joining it.

If you are aiming to crack the IAS exam, then opt for online IAS coaching from the RAMANASRI CSE-Civil Service exams Academy. The institute is dedicated to the preparation of students for various competitive exams, including IAS and MPSC. Students who choose online IAS coaching will be equipped with thorough knowledge of IAS syllabus, administrative skills and various subjects. Students will also benefit from the academy's test series and written notes.

If you're thinking of want to be become topper for an UPSC/IAS/CSE-Civil Services Exam or other competitive examination IFoS/IFS, you've likely heard about the benefits of online maths optional coaching. This subject is one of the highest scoring subjects in the syllabus, so you can be sure to get good marks in it. While it is not an easy subject to crack, it's still one of the best subjects to learn, so take advantage of this opportunity to improve your marks and prepare for your next attempt.

You'll need to plan out your timetable and objectives for each of the two papers. Create a daily training schedule and set daily and weekly goals. Studying and practicing mathematics daily is essential for your success. Try solving mock exams and practicing with previous year question papers to help you get a feel for what you need to study and what you've missed. Then, stick to it! And if you're not sure where to start, sign up for online UPSC maths optional coaching.

An online IAS UPSC maths optional coaching course is available for students to study at their own pace. You can attend the live video sessions on any device with Internet access, and you can watch the lessons whenever you want. Unlike classroom lectures, you can join a Maths Optional Coaching Course from anywhere in the world, even if you're not in Delhi! Online Maths Optional Coaching is available on most major browsers, and you can access all the videos for a year from the date of joining the Course. And if you need more time, you can do so for free!

Using the right UPSC mathematics optional syllabus will give you an edge over the competition. By studying the question papers from previous years' exams and past year's exams, you can identify the topics that are particularly challenging. Make notes of key concepts from the study materials and read relevant portions of your studies. This will help you understand concepts that you might have missed in the past. When you study the syllabus, you don't want to memorize the topics, instead you want to focus on building a logical flow of questions.

While maths requires a certain amount of memory, it is significantly less than other optional subjects. Moreover, compared to other subjects, maths is static. All you have to do is restudy the same portion for the next six months. That's enough time for students to learn the subject thoroughly. And it won't take them long to understand the subject, thanks to online maths optional coaching. The advantages of this method are many.

A high score in maths optional is highly desirable. Many UPSC aspirants choose maths as their optional subject. However, there are many who are not convinced by the subject. Maths is a subject that requires the same academic background, which means that students who are interested in this subject will have the best chance of getting good marks in it. So, you should start studying today and enjoy the benefits of online maths optional coaching.

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ONLINE : 62,500/-  (Study material+ 62 testseries+included GST)


  • Timings: 10.30 aM TO 1 PM 
  • Class duration: 7 months
  • 6 days a week class
  • 2.5 hours a week class
  • Experienced and efficient faculty
  • Interactive classes
  • Free Orientation 12th June 2023 
  • Test series included
  • Study material available
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