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HPSC Maths Optional


HPPSC is the gateway to enter the most prestigious administrative body of the country. In order to sit for the exam, aspirants must have a degree from any recognized university equivalent to the degree of Bachelor of Science, Arts, Commerce, or of any technical subject. To crack this exam, one needs to put in all the efforts with full zeal and passion.

First is the HPAS prelims exam is the screening exam.  The marks of preliminary exams are not counted in the final exam or the final merit list. The prelim examination is objective in nature and tests the deeper knowledge of the candidates about the subject.

The aspirants must focus on the basics of the HPPSC exams. Reading the syllabus thoroughly and then going through the Previous Year Question papers and understanding what the exam demands are crucial. The syllabus and question papers help the candidates to decide what to study and what to omit. This helps to know in which direction candidates need to do their preparation. A proper strategy should be followed to ace the exam.

The exam comprises of two papers of 200 marks of two hours of each. It is important to remember that marks of both papers of Preliminary examination are counted in preparing the merit list of Preliminary examination only and these marks are not counted in the final selection of candidate. Hence, only marks of mains examination and interview will be counted in preparing cut off of Himachal Pradesh Public service Commission Examination. The Optional Paper that the candidate chooses carries 300 marks and hence selecting a subject that gives the aspirants a chance to score more is equally important. Mathematics is one subject where the aspirants can score high marks with practice. So here practice plays a major role in the preparation.

 The syllabus of Maths optional is part of the curriculum of several universities. So, students of these universities can easily prepare for the exam. This makes their preparation easier and they can easily grasp concepts. It has a balanced syllabus and is highly objective, hence is considered to be very scoring. If you perform well then, this paper can boost your score and make you ahead of other candidates.

The aspirants should practice more and try to avoid silly mistakes. Many times, these silly mistakes lead to deduction of marks and candidates tend to lose. So, it is essential to be conscious not to commit these mistakes. They should be systematic and not cram the syllabus. The one thing that every aspirant with Maths as an optional subject should keep with her/him is the formulae sheet. They are like the backbone of Maths. So, preparing a formula sheet with all the formulae in it can help in revising any time, any place.

The candidates should also follow the principle of reading minimum and revise Maximum! The Notes should be short and precise.  Mathematics is a paper that doesn't require elaborations but precise answers. The inevitable step is revision. Revising as much as one can do wonders. Further, attempting mock tests will train the brain to acquire the technique of answering by elimination method as well. It gives you a better understanding of which questions to attempt and which one to leave. This develops an overall understanding of the final exam as your mind will be more equipped to attempt only the right questions with simpler answers. As many times students get engaged in complex questions which lead to a wastage of crucial time. So, when you are in the exam hall, utilize every second of the given time for the exam.

At last, one must have faith and prepare for the exam by giving everything and making a good strategy. This examination is not about how hard one has worked, rather it is about how smart they have worked. Therefore, study with the smart strategy and you will end up cracking the exam.

HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission) Maths Optional examination is led by Government of Haryana every year for the IAS aspirants. HPSC is the most important Public Service Commission in India because it serves from long tradition. Ramanasri IAS institute is provide all state level Public Service Commission maths optional classes, check our Online Maths Optional Coaching Classes for IAS Maths optional.

You can click on this link for HPSC Maths Optional Syllabus.

For more information about HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission) you can visit official Govt website of HPSC

Student Requirements

Lectures 135
Duration 5 Months
Skill level NA
Language English/Hindi
Students 10
Certificate NASub Course Name: HPSC Maths Optional Sub Course URL: hpsc-maths-optional/ HPSC (Haryana Public Service Commission) Maths Optional examination is led by Government of Haryana every year for the IAS aspirants. HPSC is the most important Public Service Co


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