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Weekend Maths Optional Coaching | RAMANA SRI IAS/IFoS INSTITUTE

Maths Optional Coaching is an essential part of the preparation process for UPSC, IAS, and other competitive exams. It is also a necessity for state pcs. Weekend sessions can be extremely useful for students who are working full-time and cannot afford to spend the entire week at school.

Although mathematics is not as competitive as other subjects, it consistently produces excellent ranks. For example, Anubhav Singh was the highest-ranking student in maths. Because the syllabus is so static, questions in maths are very factual and not as subjectivity-sensitive as those asked in other subjects.

In order to get the best score in the maths optional paper, it is important to start studying early. It helps to focus on important concepts and practice on previous exam papers. In addition, maths helps students develop their problem-solving and analytical skills. Having these skills will increase your overall score and help you secure a higher rank.

Taking UPSC mathematics optional video lectures is a good way to get a good grasp of the syllabus and study the relevant concepts. You should also practice by reviewing previous exam papers and taking mock tests. The video lectures can help students understand difficult topics and formulas better. They can also help them practice with multiple-choice questions.

There are many online maths optional coaching providers. Many of them offer video lectures. This can be a great option for students who don't have time for intensive classes. Even students who have no background in mathematics can benefit from the classes. The online sessions at RAMANA SRI IAS/IFoS INSTITUTE Academy are designed to ensure students learn the concepts quickly.

Maths is a highly-scoring subject and has done well in UPSC exams. If you get good marks in this subject, you will almost certainly make the cut in the final list. It is also very versatile and can be useful in many career options, including engineering. However, it is important to note that only a select few competitors opt for maths as an optional subject.

UPSC maths optional syllabus includes topics such as real analysis, analytical geometry, and ordinary differential equations. These subjects will help you develop analytical skills, as well as improve problem-solving skills. If you have no background in maths, you may want to choose another subject. However, if you are interested in the subject, you should take some extra classes and study accordingly.

Students must also prepare for the exam calmly and confidently. By staying calm and not letting stress affect your preparation, you will score better in the exam. You should also go through the Maths Optional Syllabus thoroughly and make sure that you understand all the topics in it. This will help you categorize the topics and avoid any silly mistakes. Maths is all about numbers, and students often note down the wrong figures, which wastes marks on the paper.

If you wish to take Mathematics Optional as an optional subject, it is essential to choose a coaching institute wisely. There are a number of top institutions in Delhi that offer coaching for this subject. These institutes will provide you with quality coaching for Mathematics Optional exams.

Ramanasri IAS is providing top best Maths Optional Weekend Coaching Classes in Delhi. We are teaching 13 Modules of Complete UPSC Maths Syllabus 2022.

  1. Complete UPSC Maths Syllabus in 6 Months duration.  

  2. Maths Optional Study Materials are free

  3. Previous Year Questions Solutions from 1992 to 2022 Explanations in the Weekend Maths Optional Coaching.

  4. 62 Maths Optional Test Series are free. Sub Modules-wise tests 40, Module wise  tests 13, sectional-wise 4 and complete full length test question papers 5

  5. For more sample videos you can click on this link: Ramanasri IAS MATHS OPTIONAL Youtube Channel.

  6. Enquire now on WhatsApp +91 8750706262

OFFLINE : 4999/- including GST 

ONLINE : 3999/- included GST


  • Timings: 10.30 aM TO 1 PM 
  • Class duration: 1.5 months
  • 6 days a week class
  • 2.5 hours a week class
  • Experienced and efficient faculty
  • Interactive classes
  • 3 Demo class Free
  • Free Orientation 13th Nov. 2023
  • 10 Test included
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