The UPSC Mathematics Optional Paper will be the first step in preparing for the IAS Mains examination. The paper will consist of two parts, each of which will be worth 250 marks. It will cover topics that were taught in Grade 11 and Grade 12. The paper also includes Calculus, a straight topic involving functions, integration, and families. It requires a good deal of practice and understanding to ace the exam.

Mathematics is a scoring subject in UPSC and has produced consistently good ranks. The way you present the answer also matters, as it is often easy to predict your score when you present the solution step by step. UPSC questions are factual rather than subjective and are not based on current affairs. Maths questions will be based on the underlying concepts, not on a subjective interpretation of the answer.

The UPSC syllabus is well-balanced, with equal emphasis on the theorems and proofs part and the application part. The proofs portion is usually twenty to thirty per cent of each paper. The student must understand the theory and logically write the steps of the proof. In addition, UPSC breaks the calculations up into smaller steps, reducing the chances of errors.

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