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We, Ramanasri IAS/IFoS INSTITUTE is encouraging to discuss all your ONLY Mains Maths Optional doubts. What we have noticed in recent years is that our Maths Optional community is backward. i.e., nobody will encourage to choose this Maths Optional. Even our B.tech/B.Sc friends will say no to this Optional. We are a socially outcast in IAS UPSC Optional Community. No teacher is available to explain in our IAS UPSC Maths Optional doubts. So, whatever the doubts if you have related Maths Optional you can feel free to post on this site. We and our Mathematics Optional aspirants will clear your doubts and queries within 1 day. You can also post doubts on Maths Optional Test Series Questions. If you don’t know any solution from Maths Optional Previous Year Questions from 1992 to 2019 etc. then post on your queries. Please don’t post any coaching Institute names or materials etc at Maths Optional Discussion.

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