Is Calculator Allowed in UPSC Maths Optional?

UPSC allows students to use a scientific non-programmable calculator in the maths optional paper, but does not allow programmable calculators. The calculator must be in the proper format to be effective. In addition, the calculator cannot be used in the objective type papers or test booklets. The exception to this rule is the electrical engineering optional. There are certain advantages to using a scientific calculator, including avoiding silly numerical errors.

Students should understand that mathematics is not as popular as the other subjects. In addition, there is limited competition in mathematics, whereas humanities subjects have a higher degree of subjectivity and the examiners may grade the same answer differently. Moreover, students who know mathematics better will score higher marks in the exam.

If you have studied mathematics in college, you should consider taking mathematics as an optional subject. However, you should be genuinely interested in the subject and should not take it in a hurry. There are many rules about which subjects can be included in UPSC exams, so it is important to choose the subject that you really love to study.

Mathematics is a crucial subject for UPSC. This exam requires a thorough understanding of the concepts, and students should choose it with a true passion. Mathematics is an essential core subject in the undergraduate curriculum, but it can also be studied as an optional for the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

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