UPSC Maths Optional Notes

While selecting the optional subjects, many UPSC aspirants choose mathematics. This is particularly true of those from non-medical backgrounds, as the syllabus is so vast. Maths is the second most popular optional subject in the UPSC examination and a large percentage of aspirants choose this subject. Nevertheless, many students appear hesitant to take this optional subject because of the large number of topics and the length of time required to prepare for it.

To prepare for the mathematics optional paper, it is important to grasp concepts and make sure to practice them in the exam. Students should spend at least 80% of their time solving sums and 20% to revise. They should also practice proofs of theorems. It is important to be able to prove a theory from scratch, as it is asked in Paper-II. To memorize formulae, prepare a formula sheet and practice with a relaxed mind.

The optional subject for mathematics consists of two papers worth 500 marks each. Topics covered include linear dependence, subspaces, bases, dimensions, inverses, orthogonary matrices, and computer-based numerical and statistical techniques. If you do not take the optional subjects for the mathematics exam, you should consider obtaining the book for free. These study materials contain a variety of information on all subjects you may want to prepare for the UPSC mathematics examination.


IAS Maths Optional Notes


We are providing completed and detailed IAS Maths Optional study for UPSC, IFS, Civil Service Mains Examinations. Our Maths Optional materials is covering the whole IAS Maths syllabus in one place. You can find all the previous year’s questions and solutions from 1992 to 2017.  Using Ramanasri IAS Maths Notes you can complete IAS Mathematics Syllabus within 6 months by spending 3 to 4 hours in a day. For sample IAS Maths Optional Notes, you can send email to ramanasri.ceo@gmail.com with the subject as IAS Maths Optional.

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