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The awareness has been increasing since 2013 on words. Why because Maths Optional aspirants are scoring and breaking records of the previous aspirants. After changing the pattern serious aspirants have been scoring, 333, 346, 356, 368, 375   “What are some good coaching institutes for CSAT preparation?”  CSAT PAPER 2 is a qualifying paper in your Prelims IAS, UPSC, IFoS (IFS), CSE, Civil Service Prelims Examinations. We should not neglect this paper why because thousands of series aspirants are failing this CSAT PAPER 2 every year since 2015. CSAT PAPER 2 was introduced in 2011 by removing one out of two optional subjects at the preliminary level. Ramanasri Institute is offering the best CSAT PAPER 2 coaching classes Lectures online and offline modes. Therefore Ramanasri Institute is Top Best Online IAS UPSC CSAT PAPER 2 Coaching Institute Classes Lectures. What are some good coaching institutes for CSAT preparation? We are offering the top best Coaching Institute Classes in Delhi of both Online & Regular CSAT PAPER-2 & Mathematics Optional Classes on 15 Oct 2020 Admission Open from 10 Oct 2020  itself. Free Demo classes up to 2 or 3. Interested CSAT PAPER-2 & Mathematics Optional aspirants please register your name either by sent SMS with the subject ‘ Free Demo‘ to our Mobile No 8750706262 or visit our office between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you have any doubts please feel free send an email to ” “ Thanking you for all the CSAT PAPER-2 & CSAT PAPER-1 both Online aspirants. Don’t wait for 1 more year. And once again thanking you by choosing Ramanasri Institute is one of the parts of your success!!!. “How many books do we need to read for Maths Optional in UPSC?”]In the UPSC IAS Maths Mains Optional, they are a total of 13 modules. From Paper-1 we have 6 Modules namely Linear Algebra, Calculus, Analytical Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equations, Vector Analysis, Dynamics and Statics. We are providing 6 booklets for these IAS Maths Study Materials. And coming to Paper-2 we have 7 modules namely Modern Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Linear Programming, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming, Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics. We are also providing 7 booklets for these UPSC Maths Study Materials. These IAS UPSC Maths Study Materials are necessary and sufficient to score more than 300 marks in our first attempt in the Mathematics Mains Examination to crack the prestigious Civil Services Examinations.